The NIMVA theme is supplied with Visual Composer and several options for FAQs, testimonials, clients, employees, pricing tables and contact and which are all listed as separate items in the dashboard. These options are inserted into a page by using the Visual Composer Editor (see the image below which displays some of the available Visual Composer objects). For example, selecting Clients adds the detail currently produced at the bottom of our Home page before the footer.

Visual Composer

There are 50+ training videos available for NIMVA and they can be viewed on YouTube. The Visual Composer is written by WPbakery and additional addons are available for purchase including the recommended All in One Extension by Sike

Problems encountered using NIMVA –

  • The theme was originally installed using version 1.6 and was subsequently updated using versions 1.7 and 1.8. Using Theme Options>Logo Settings, the logo had been replaced by ‘DOVESOFT’ but following both theme updates, the logo was restored to ‘NIMVA’. FTP was used to copy the ‘DOVESOFT’ logo and overwrite ‘NIMVA’ in wp-content/themes/nimva/images.
  • The demo menu was corrupted when NIMVA sample data was installed. This was a trivial problem as the developed site menu was used.

More information on Tyler Moore's site used in our Home page.

Following several requests, a short overview and relevant sources are provided here. The site uses the free Vantage theme and the free Page Builder plugin from Site Origin to create responsive web sites. A useful descriptive video is available for more information on Page Builder.

Tyler makes reference to four other sites:-

Finally, consider Tyler’s other recommended plugins – lightbox, and black studio tiny mce