This is a test page to evaluate Concrete5 and specifically blocks using videos from YouTube and DoveSoft.

  1. Clicking DoveSoft in the heading above goes to the Home page.
  2. The demo login video from Doveoft in the footer has been converted using uRex Video Converter Platinum and uses YouTube HD as the output profile. Do NOT use WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe as it only offers MP4 conversion which is not playable on the Web without the correct codec. The video below is loaded from YouTube but does re-size responsively below 480px and 20px padding has been applied to the bottom of the block using Design & Custom Template > Margin and Padding.
  3. Padding of 20px has also been added to the top of the columns in the layout area beneath the YouTube block.

This is a FAQ

How are layouts added?

A layout of 3 columns has been created above and FAQ, Form and Date Navigation blocks inserted into each column. The current layout contains only one column and a text block. This is achieved by clicking the 'Main' icon > layout, then selecting the layout by single clicking, and next clicking the text block. Care must be taken in selecting the Main icon or the preceding block such as Column1 can be selected.