About Our Company

DoveSoft Computing is a software development and training company. We specialise in web design, Microsoft Office, Libre Office and Google Drive for small businesses and mainly serve the Lichfield, Cannock and Burntwood areas in South Staffordshire, United Kingdom.

Application Areas

DoveSoft Computing began trading in 1995, and it’s owner has been a software developer for over 20 years and has designed and developed several major applications in fields of work such as Finance, Payroll, Pensions, Marketing and Road Transport.

To give you an example of our software solutions, H.M. Customs and Excise described one of his products as "The first computerised invoice self billing system in the United Kingdom".

Other staff have been developing PC desktop applications since the early 1980s but we now specialise in Microsoft Office, Libre Office and Google Drive solutions.

We also offer a full Web Design service from prototyping a design to meet your requirements through to web programming using languages such as PHP and javascript. We can explain and offer services for emerging technologies such as Cloud computing where customer data is stored and processed exclusively on the internet.  

Types of Customer.

We have also developed complete solutions for a wide range of smaller business clients ranging from builders merchants and veterinary practices to tree surgeons. We can supply assistance with the often difficult tasks such as the design and development of spreadsheets, databases and electronic publishing.

One of our specialist services is to introduce, where possible, automation between the various software processes either currently in use or proposed for use. This can prevent the duplication of both effort and data, and introduces the benefit of significant cost savings.

DoveSoft Computing believe that it is essential for the customer to be involved in all stages of the design and development process and look forward to their input.

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